Kiki’s Cocoa is a boutique chocolatier that makes delightfully approachable confections. We buy with a conscience, make with a passion, and package with professional design to create a chocolate experience that’s ethical, elegant, and of course, entirely edible. 

Each piece is part of a flavorful quest to recreate the perfect chocolate Kirsten "Kiki" Ritschel remembers from her childhood in Hamburg, Germany. No American chocolate stood muster, and so she's made it herself. With years of experience and a masterful palette, Kiki's Cocoa is an uncompromising pursuit of joyful chocolate.

Mmmmelted Chocolate

Mmmmelted Chocolate


Class A according to the Cottage Food Law 2013

Completion of Confectionary Course at
the Callebaut Chocolate Academy "Chocolate
Beyond the Basics", 2013

Professional Chocolatier Program
at Ecole Chocolate, 2012

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