Cacao, Cacao, the Mischievous Fruit

It's been several weeks since our last adventure, and with August in swing, we meet someone new: the Jester. Oh don't act so surprised - you know we keep a few tricks up our chef's coats.

The Kiki's Cocoa Jester is a mischievous sort. A trickster. A puckish character that lures you in with an air of simplicity but ends up running circles around you (and your taste-buds). In this spirit, we've gathered a handful of Fey-inspired flavors: a trio of orange, mint, and honey-milk ganache, as well as ample festive crackle bark.

If you want to harness your own inner Jester, play the tastiest trick and fool a friend into some chocolate! All this summer we're giving a free box of Kiki's Cocoa to anyone who refers a three-month new club member.