Cacao, Cacao, the Mischievous Fruit

It's been several weeks since our last adventure, and with August in swing, we meet someone new: the Jester. Oh don't act so surprised - you know we keep a few tricks up our chef's coats.

The Kiki's Cocoa Jester is a mischievous sort. A trickster. A puckish character that lures you in with an air of simplicity but ends up running circles around you (and your taste-buds). In this spirit, we've gathered a handful of Fey-inspired flavors: a trio of orange, mint, and honey-milk ganache, as well as ample festive crackle bark.

If you want to harness your own inner Jester, play the tastiest trick and fool a friend into some chocolate! All this summer we're giving a free box of Kiki's Cocoa to anyone who refers a three-month new club member. 

Cacao isolate

We've made it past the  summersolstice, AKA the shortest melting time of the year. With our spice racks still recovering from the last collection, where to next?

Last month we adventured through the heat, exploring exotic and enticing flavors. Now as we continue our flavor journey, we've encountered a new character: The Hermit. The hermit is a curious figure, alone in the woods, hoarding his curios and foraging among what nature provides. Were he to make chocolates (and who are we to say he doesn't?) you may find mushroom truffles, absinthe ganache, hazelnut crunch and berry bark. 

Since it can get a little lonely being a hermit, we're running a summer promotion all about bringing friends into the fold! Refer a friend and you'll get a free box of Kiki's Cocoa if they sign up for 3 months!

Adventure, away!

Cup your hand to your ears. Do you hear that? That's right, it's the sound of excitement.

Continuing our theme of character archetypes, this month's collection is all about the Adventurer. Like our chocolates themselves, the adventurer can be daring, brave, and a little roguish. Take your taste buds on a journey of self discovery with a menu of brand new flavors from across the globe: pink Himalayan sea salt caramels, cardamom ganache, sesame nougat ganache, and chai truffles. 

Chocolates with Character

We've always liked to think that our confections have a little extra personality. Now we're going to take chocolates and character to a whole new level!

Kiki's Cocoa Club is embarking on an entire year of archetype-themed collections. Each month our emails will feature a persona, and your shipment will contain its matching flavor profiles!

Our debut May collection is "The Innocent." Many stories begin with a protagonist who has much to learn (whether they know it or not!). They're ambitious, simple, and maybe even a little naive. But along the way, they find something new! And this month,you'll find pure, approachable flavors like vanilla and orange ganaches, force noir with salt, and a few shards of toffee bark.